Languages and technologies

  • Languages

    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
    • Kotlin
    • PHP
    • HTML/CSS
  • Frameworks

    • VueJS
    • React
    • Angular
    • Laravel
  • Skills

    • API design
    • Node
    • Git
    • Docker
    • CI/CD
    • Webworkers
    • Sockets
    • GraphQL
    • Postgres
    • SQL
    • Jekyll
    • Jamstack

Work experience

Senior Full Stack Engineer @ Tebi

October 2022 – Current

Lead Frontend Developer @ ThreatFabric

June 2022 – September 2022
  • Managed a team of 3 frontend engineers
  • Coordinated work for various cyber security products for enterprise customers including ABN Amro, ING, Erste Bank
  • Unified all of ThreatFabric's products into a single interface to simplify customer journey
  • Made strategic technical decisions regarding stack, focus on long-term flexibility and velocity
  • Technology: Typescript, Vue, Pinia, Java, Python, GraphQL, Postgres, Docker, Portainer

Lead Developer @ The Knowledgebase Company

May 2021 – February 2022
  • Led a team of 3 engineers and 3 technological consultants
  • Led the development of a large application for the Dutch Foreign Ministry
  • Negotiated with customer for a cleanup sprint, cleaned up legacy codebase
  • Introduced agile and iterative workflows in a government context, enabling more than 10 people to work together productively
  • Technology: PHP, JavaScript, Vue, Oracle Service Cloud

Frontend Developer / Product Owner @ Creds

September 2020 – May 2021
  • Developing and designing an Automated Red Teaming solution
  • Key focus: visualizing automated attack results
  • Working closely together with design and backend team
  • Technology: React, Typescript, GraphQL, PHP

Founder @

Summer 2020
  • Developed a platform where synthesizer-enthusiasts can exchange music libraries
  • Reverse engineered sysex data to enable communication directly between synthesizers and the browser
  • Designed a JSON-based language to describe synthesizer-specific interfaces
  • Technology: React, Typescript, Firebase, Sysex

Frontend Developer @ DTACT

2017 – 2020
  • Developed Marija: Web-based interactive and animated graph-exploration tool using webworkers and PixiJS
  • Developed Raven: Big data processing tool with a drag-and-drop interface for pipeline organization
  • Technology: React, Redux, Typescript, NodeJS, AWS, Javascript, WebGL, PixiJS, WebSockets

Lead Frontend Developer @ Begame

2016 – 2017
  • Led a team of 2 frontend engineers and 1 Quality Assurance engineer
  • Led the development of a multiplayer game in Angular, now in use by tens of thousands of players
  • Built a multi-user webcam streaming server in Node, based on WebRTC
  • Technology: Angular, Typescript, Javascript, Microservices, PHP, MySQL, APIs, Web sockets

Full-stack developer @ Poki

2013 – 2015
  • Developed a fully responsive mobile gaming platform for one of the largest gaming portals in the world
  • Developed infrastructure supporting up to 20.000 simultaneous visitors by creating a PHP framework called 'Fast'
  • Focused on a performant experience for customers in third-world countries with legacy devices
  • Technology: PHP, Javascript, AWS


M.A. Science, Technology & Society @ University of Vienna

2019 — 2021
  • Researched relation between society and technology and drivers behind innovation
  • Thesis: 'Extras in the Theater of Big Data' — the role of students in an algorithm supposedly aimed at preventing drop-outs
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude

B.Sc. Information Science @ University of Amsterdam

2009 — 2013