Thomas Kuipers

With 15 years of experience as a full stack developer I have actively shaped the technological backbone of businesses in different industries such as cyber security, online gaming and knowledge management.

On the frontend I have extensive experience in creating highly interactive web applications with React, Angular and PixiJS. On the backend my experience ranges from NodeJS/Express to Laravel to Wordpress to Golang. Additionally, I am fluent in git, and comfortable in Docker and AWS.

I believe that the work of a software engineer includes more than technology. A significant part of my job is asking the right questions: understanding the client and the goals of a project are essential to its success.

Both from a personal and professional perspective, I am very interested in the effects of emerging technologies — such as contact tracing apps — on society. I am currently enrolled in the masters programme Science-Technology-Society at the University of Vienna to put this interest into an academic context.

Based in Vienna
Dutch and English fluently. Conversational in German.
+31 638667064

Technical experience

Languages Level
Typescript Senior
Javascript (ES 5, 6, 7) Senior
Golang Medior
PHP Senior
HTML Senior
CSS (CSS3, less, sass) Senior
MySQL Medior
Angular >= 2 (typescript) Senior
React (javascript) Senior
NodeJS/Express Senior
Laravel (PHP) Senior
Symfony 2 (PHP) Medior


Work experience

  1. DutchSec (November 2017 — June 2020) - Main frontend dev

    Worked as the main FrontEnd developer on Marija (a web-based graph exploration tool) and Raven (a big data processing tool with a drag-and-drop interface for pipeline organization).

    Technologies: React, Redux, Typescript, NodeJS, AWS, Javascript, WebGL, PixiJS, WebSockets.

  2. (April 2018 — June 2018) - Senior dev

    Personal project together with my friend Kasper Mol. Created a cross-device (mobile, desktop and tablet) multiplayer game in which the players collect emoji and battle each other with them. You can play it for free on

    Technologies: React, Redux, Typescript, Javascript, WebSockets, NodeJS, Heroku, Postgres, Heroku.

  3. Learn To Earn (February 2018 — April 2018) - Teacher

    Taught a 'website building' course to underpriviliged students in a township near Cape Town, South Africa. The course was held at an NGO called Learn To Earn.

  4. Begame (June 2016 — November 2017) - Lead frontend dev

    Lead frontend developer. Built a multiplayer game in Angular, now in use by tens of thousands of players. Built a multi-user webcam streaming server in NodeJS, based on WebRTC.

    Technologies: Angular >= 2, Typescript, Javascript, Microservices, PHP, MySQL, APIs, Web sockets.

  5. Brand Energy (April 2016 — June 2016)

    Built a RESTful API from scratch in Symfony 2 and two WinJS apps in which employees could manage timesheets and follow scaffolding procedures.

    Technologies: WinJS, Javascript, Symfony 2, APIs.

  6. Denmark's Radio (November 2015 — January 2015)

    Complete redesign and refactoring of the customer service interface of the national public broadcasting company of Denmark.

    Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, OracleQL.

  7. ECI online bookstore (October 2012 — November 2015)

    Redesign and refactoring of the frequently asked questions, integrated interactive chat.

    Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, OracleQL.

  8. The Knowledgebase Company (August 2012 — January 2015)

    Customization of RightNow, the customer service and support solution by Oracle. Worked on rich web applications for large companies including T-Mobile, Ziggo, NS, Postcode Loterij and ABB.

    Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, Javascript, OracleQL.

  9. (2013 — 2014)

    Development of a fully responsive mobile gaming platform for one of the largest gaming portals in the world. Infrastructure development supporting up to 20.000 simultaneous visitors. Created a PHP framework 'Fast' that handled this. Also created a JavaScript framework similar to jQuery, but a lot faster and suitable for old computers in third world countries.

    Technologies: PHP, Laravel, AWS.

  10. OnsBoek (own company) (2011 — 2012)

    A startup together with 4 peers. We were creating a photoalbum application, similar to Hema's.

  11. Anno MMX (2010 — 2012)

    Anno MMX has created a market leading CRM for real estate businesses. I have worked on that CRM. I also developed an advanced Wordpress plugin that real estate agents could use to easily display properties on their websites via our JSON API.

  12. Tromphuis Financiering (2008)

    Lead front-end developer and training other front-end developers.

  13. Paylogic (formerly Accepté) (2006 — 2007)

    Graphic design and front and back-end development.


  1. Information Science, University of Amsterdam (2009 — 2013)

    Information Science is not so much a technical study. It is more about understanding an organization and leveraging technology to create business value.

    Example courses: Business Modelling & Design, Interaction Design, Information & Knowledgemanagement, Architecture and Infrastructure, Databases, Business Information Systems, Conceptual Modelling, Information & Organizations.

  2. VWO+, Zernike College, Haren (2001 — 2008)