Thomas Kuipers

Webdeveloper / User Experience Designer / Digital Wizard

Résumé (pdf, 400kB)

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Frontend webdevelopment

Over seven years experience with HTML and CSS. Cross-browser and semantic mark-up. Three years experience with JavaScript and jQuery. Skilled with AJAX and JSON. I have created a photoalbum editing application in JavaScript (comparable to Hema's). Getting started with client side MVC. Check out the source code of this website.

Programming & databases

Over four years experience with object-oriented PHP and MySQL. Skilled in using frameworks such as Zend, CakePHP and CodeIgniter. Developed multiple CMS's. Developed an advanced Wordpress plugin which serves as a platform for 30+ websites. Created and maintained large MySQL databases. Programmed XML exchanges that make use of SOAP. Familiar with Java.


Webdesign & user experience

“ Don't make me think.”

— Steve Krug

Design is not just adding a gradient or rounded corners to a button. Design is empowering users to be productive and creating a pleasant user experience. This is an important aspect of my bachelor study of Information Science. Projects include designing a mobile OS for seniors of 70+ or developing a prototype for a multimedial game with technologies that won't be available for the next five years. I've worked as a graphic designer for four different employers and many freelance-based projects.

Small portfolio


The complete story of my life

I grew up in the small village of Midlaren, located in the North of the Netherlands, near Groningen. After I'd completed VWO at the Zernike College when I was 18, I moved to Amsterdam, where I still live at the moment. In Amsterdam I'm currently studying Information Science. Information Science focusses on the user, and on how to design a system that meets the users requirements and makes him/her happy. I work as a freelancer under the name Webvalid. Furthermore I'm building OnsBoek, which is an application that lets you build photo albums in collaboration with your friends and family.


I especially like to travel to far away countries. I've been windsurfing for eight years now. When it's storming, you'll find me on the water. Furthermore I just like to hang out with my awesome friends in bars, clubs or gardens.


I maintain a positive attitude and enjoy an informal atmosphere in my work. I'm always looking for new, more efficient and more awesome ways to solve problems.

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